First day of school is tomorrow. Not for my kids, but this is the first year that I’ve noticed the arrival of school with a twinge of dread. Our endless summer is ending, and I am grasping at every last bit of slanty summer light.

And it’s not just that our summer is ending. It’s that my kids are finally old enough that I can picture them getting on that bus. Before this, I was convinced it would never happen- too short, too much chub, too much sass- they would never be school ready. But this summer, Finn stretched out into a kid. He tells “jokes”. Dances to Frozen. Makes big plans. Thinks he can fly. Worries about his mommy. And perhaps most symbolic of the Summer of 2014, he committed to learning to ride his big boy bike and though it was just out of reach, he did it.

I am equal parts proud and crushed. My heart is breaking, my heart is full. 

Finn loves to sing this song to his little brother. (Unfortunately, I’ve asked him to sing this song one too many times in an attempt to actually get it ON to tumblr, so this version’s a silly one)

10 on 10 trial run— I just threw some pictures into this post to see how Tumblr worked. I’m going to start a 10 on 10 project starting in September. (10 pictures on the 10th of every month.) The purpose is to capture the story of our family’s day- the more ordinary, the better. So many parenting cliches have already come true for me: “parenting is the hardest job there is.” “they grow up so fast.” Now I want to tackle this one: “the days are long but the years are short.” They say it because it’s TRUE! The days are so long sometimes, but when I look back, I can’t believe how quickly we have gotten to where we are. I want my children to remember what their childhood days were like, and in the same way, I want memories of these days too. In all their messy, chaotic glory.